Longrich Toothpaste (200g)

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* Fluoride free

* It has anti-oxidant and antcarcinogenic properties of green tea.

* It has an anti-fungal agent content called Sodium Benzoate.

* Great for treating tooth pain, weak gum, bad breath and tooth decay.

* Using this toothpaste, has no side effects if you discontinue and is effective for every tooth.

Flouride-free and Decay Resistance: The white tea essence and xylitol reinforces the root and prevent decay. Xylitol is a natural product, a sugar alcohol derived form plants.

Deep Cleansing: the TSC antiseptic and soft silicon abrasive give you a clean mouth and fresh breath.

Hydrated Silica is a substance not known to be toxic or cause cancer, and is classified as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by United States Food and Drug Administration.

Gum Strengthening: Strontium chloride and composite aloe extract can make your teeth more resistant to cold, heat, acidity and sweetness, prevent tartar, and stop gum bleeding.

Strontium Chloride is a salt of Strontium & Chloride which is useful in reducing tooth sensitivity.​

It treats all dental problems like bleeding gum, tooth ache and fills holes in teeth.


Longrich Multi Effect Tooth Paste (200g)- Protects Gum, Stops Pain & Strengthen Teeth

For treating tooth pain, weak gum, bad breath & tooth decay. (You do NOT have to remove that tooth!) It is highly effective for every tooth without any future side effect when you discontinue. This product is just more than ordinary toothpaste, it’s made from natural herbs and it helps to kill the bacteria that eats up the gum, whitens the teeth and freshens the breath. It’s a testimony for people with tooth problems. It comes in 200g pack. This Longrich White Tea Multi-Effect Toothpaste has the following attributes: For treating tooth pain, weak gum, bad breath and tooth decay. Highly effective for every tooth without any future side effect when you discontinue. Flourine free decay resistance makes your mouth healthy and clean. The combination of TCS and soft abrasive can make your mouth clean and healthy. The blend of strontium chloride and aloe extract can protect gum and strengthen your teeth at the root. It does not contribute to tooth decay and may reduce tooth cavity. It abrasive to clean teeth, remove plaque and it has a dispersant properties. It has an antioxidant and anti-carcinogdenic properties of green tea. It provides an extra benefit to health beyond it anti-gingivitis effect in toothpaste. It contains a mineral supplement required by living organism. It contains strontium chloride hydrate to reduce pain in sensitive teeth and helps in building bone.


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